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    Atrium High Tatras

    Atrium Hotel, because of its facilities and an appealing service offer, is considered an ideal choice not only for holiday-makers spending their family time together but also for business clients who make use of a complex congress centre and unique premises suitable for organizing conferences, education sessions, seminars or workshops.

ArtClub – art studio

Art studio ArtClub presents unique possibilities of social or group activities. Modelling, pottering, painting, wood carving, basket or little whip knitting – all of these may contribute to strengthening your team spirit. In ArtClub you will find any instrument you might need for indulging in your artistic or artisan creativity.


The art studio ArtClub offers:

  • Plastic workshops led by skilled artists,
  • Seasonal creative workshops including Easter whip knitting or creation of Christmas decorations,
  • Workshops aimed at modelling, pottering, knitting, wood carving or cutting for various age categories,
  • Demonstrations of traditional folk art,
  • Rich creative programme led by artists and artisans.

Arclub Arclub

Get acquainted with methods how baskets are knit or how straw or clay figures are modelled – all first-hand for yourselves. Riveting team building and company events like nowhere else – only in ArtClub.


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