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    Atrium Hotel, because of its facilities and an appealing service offer, is considered an ideal choice not only for holiday-makers spending their family time together but also for business clients who make use of a complex congress centre and unique premises suitable for organizing conferences, education sessions, seminars or workshops.

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Corporate drumming and fire walking

Exclusive only in TRINITY Hotels.
Widen the horizons of your team building.

TRINITY Hotels in cooperation with INNER WINNER SLOVENSKO would like to offer you an unconventional form of team building in Slovakia that has been preferred by more than 60% of the 400 largest international companies (source: FORBES).

Avail yourselves of interesting ways how to foster your team spirit and gain new energy which will enhance the potential of not only your employees but also of your business partners.


What is Original Rhythm Team?
Original Rhythm Team is an educational project aimed at personal development, building and evolving the team, communication, cooperation, timing and people management. It employs so-called corporate drumming and methods ‘drum circle’ which involve all participants actively drumming or playing another rhythmical instrument.

According to anthropological research the drum is the oldest means of communication and common drumming is the oldest form of team communication. Rhythm is a universal language capable of eliminating differences among people – nationality, sex, age, race, professional or social distinctions. It is a non-verbal, primary means of communication that reveals stereotyped patterns of your team’s communication behaviour.

Nowadays corporate drumming is the most progressive method of building and evolving teams. 60% of the 400 largest international companies implemented this technique so as to foster development of their teams in 2007 (source: FORBES); and this figure keeps growing continuously… Original Rhythm Team as the first of all brings this modern trend into Middle and Eastern Europe!

Corporate drumming is a method of developing not only work teams but it can help you tune your audience during conferences or team building sessions. It uses drums and other rhythmical instruments in order to transform all the participants into one single orchestra. Corporate drumming is based on the latest discoveries concerning human brain functions and on the oldest means of team cooperation known in all world cultures – rhythmical rituals.

Thanks to tuning in the audience and team to ‘one wave’ and because of direct parallels in communication, leadership and collaboration, corporate drumming presents one of the most wide-spread forms of team building throughout the whole globe.

The method of corporate drumming ensures 100% attention of all participants regarding a specific topic at a conference or meeting. At the beginning of a conference every participant has a different degree of alertness and attention; it can easily be likened to the example of radio waves – every one of them emits and receives signal on its frequency. As early as after 20 minutes of corporate drumming the attention of all participants will gradually unify and ‘tune’ to one wave – one frequency. This step simplifies reception of crucial information. Apart from this benefit, corporate drumming will secure energy rejuvenation, entertainment and establish connection with your corporate culture (i.e. a motivational kick-off element of meetings).

This method is also used for the purposes of team cooperation, communication education sessions and transformation leadership courses.


If you were taught at school that supposing a human cell came in touch with an object of 200 degrees Celsius it would inevitably die off, then how is it possible that some people are able to walk on coal burning at 500 degrees Celsius?

Is it possible to break an arrow against a human throat, walk on broken glass shards, break through a plank with a bare fist or bend an iron bar? Yes, it is!

These disciplines are not meant to amaze or entertain the audience but function as transformation methods which permit you to transcend your limitations and venture beyond what is deemed feasible. If you are able to walk through fire, you can likewise face challenges in your everyday life and apply the experience from your victory in daily practice. Your inner boundaries will move farther away and your potential will rise...

The key to walking on burning coal is the state of your mind – full integration of spirit and body, a moment of complete concentration and trust in the process. Fire walking lays emphasis on the process at the end of which we find ourselves in front of the line of burning coal. The process itself is more important than the ending. During this process you are searching for your inner voice, your guide who helps you make decisions in extreme situations. You will experience first-hand that whatever you consider insurmountable can be surpassed with your 100% concentration, conscious decision and programming your brain to success.

A process of inner integration is beginning, presenting a vital step in preparing yourselves for walking on burning coal. In the end it is not important whether you cross the line of burning coal or not – the final decision will be made based on your inner voice. And this decision is always going to be correct. This integrity and capacity to stretch and move their boundaries will be absorbed by all participants alike who will, just like the gift of fire, take and carry it to their everyday life.

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